motion designer/art director/blogger

mexico city born and based.

2d and 3d motion graphics oriented to non conventional platforms. digital museography, content for mapping and installation, digital scenography, render and visualization, live acts, animated branding, logo stings, title design, vfx, broadcast design and .gifs


clients: red bull, johnnie walker, televisa, nestlé, telcel, nissanzte, dos equis, purina, sony, mabe, jumex, santa maria, samsung, sre, se, presidencia. 





-Visual Art Week 2017 (mxcity,mx)

Open Air Cinema / Cineteca Nacional / Peak Time


-Design House 2017 (mxcity,mx)

Design Week/ C Qúbica Arquitectos / Siete Media


-Red Bull BP Design 2017 (mxcity,mx)

Data Viz / Cayman 360


-Interactivo Monterrey 2017 (monterrey,mx)

Digital Museography / Siete Media


-Misterios del Inframundo 2017 (mxcity,mx)

3d Motion and VFX / NatGeo / Cesar Flores


-Musas Mapping 2017 (sonora,mx)

3d animation 4 Mapping / Siete Media / Edmundo H.


-Nissan Kicks Mapping 2017 (mxcity,mx)

Mapping Assist. / Edmundo Herrera / Rebellion


-Nestlé Good Care 2016 / (mx)

Motion 4 Digital Signage / Siete Media


-ECSE (E-Commerce Summit & Expo) 2016 (mxcity,mx)

Set Design Animation / Siete Media


-Nestlé Ice-creams 2016 / (mxcity,mx)

Motion Spots / Siete Media


-OECD Ministerial Meeting 2016 (cancun,mx)

Installation, 3d Motion, Logo sting / Siete Media


-Red Bull BP Design 2016 (mxcity,mx)

Data Viz / Cayman 360


-Visual Art Week 2015 (mxcity,mx)

20 Artistas / Hemiciclo a Juárez / Peak Time


-Ermita Mapping 2016 (badajóz,sp)

3d animation 4 Mapping / Nuria Prieto


-Johnnie Walker Blenders Room F1 2016 (mxcity,mx)

Sensor driven animations / Siete Media / Matraka


-Colaboratorio 2016 (mxcity,mx)

Talk / MUCA Roma / Alejandra Mateos


-Johnnie Walker Blenders Room F1 2015 (mxcity,mx)

Sensor driven animations / Siete Media / Matraka


-Red Bull BP Design 2015 (mxcity,mx)

Data Viz / Cayman 360





Expendio Records -

Record Store 2015 

Co-founder, Owner



Local de Arte -

Cultural Center / Gallery / Coworking 2013

Co-founder and Ateliers / Pepelepop, E. Ambrosi, Sato Nishi



The Jellyfish Act -

Motion Graphics Blog 2012

Founder, Managing Editor / Multi Collab.